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Old Bayside Road Area Sanitary Sewer Improvements

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The following information relates to the funding eligibility application for  sewer service to service the South Side Old Bayside Road area. This application was made to qualify / secure ranking for the possibility of a grant. The Project Summary is followed by a letter to residents in the Old Bayside Area that was sent to all of the residents in the proposed area.  Finally, a printable map of the proposed area is offered.


This project proposes approximately two miles of a new wastewater collection pipe system for 146 existing residential properties within the Old Bayside Road area within the corporate town limits of Chesapeake Beach Maryland. The properties in question are on existing improved roads; Old Bayside Road, E Street, F Street, 11th Street, 12th Street, 13th Street, G Street, H Street, Dakota Avenue, I Street and J Street. 

Project Specifics

The project proposes a public sewer collection system to serve 137 existing residential homes and 9 undeveloped properties. The system will connect to an existing gravity sewer manhole system within Old Bayside Road which drains to the existing town wastewater treatment plant. The existing town wastewater treatment plant is currently being upgraded with Enhanced Nutrient Removal (MD# 0020287/12-DP-057), with an estimated completion date of June 2016 (UPDATE:  Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade was completed October 2016). The existing plant has capacity for connection of all 146 properties.

The proposed sewer system will be composed of the following components; 

  • 6,870 feet of 8 PVC sewer

  • 2,650 feet of 2 pressure sewer

  • 1,020 feet of 4 pressure sewer

  • 1 pump station

  • 31 Sewer manholes

  • 5 Cleanouts (blowoff valves)

All proposed facilities (except grinder pumps) will be located within the existing public right-of-way. There are no known required easements and/or right-of-ways required. The project is not considered a green project.

Re: Old Bayside Road Area Sanitary Sewer Improvements (letter)

You are receiving this letter because it is believed your property is currently served by an individual sewage septic system. The Town is looking at the possibility of extending public sewer to the Old Bayside Road area and your property. 

As a major town on the Chesapeake Bay, we strive to be good stewards of the Bay. Our Town has approximately 2.5 miles of shoreline with over 300 acres within the 1,000 foot critical area zone and all rainfall runoff drains directly to the Bay. This drainage area also includes septic systems. There are currently over 150 lots within the Town being serviced by individual septic systems. Approximately 145 are located in the south side of Town along and off of Old Bayside Road. Recently the Town has applied for a 2.5 million dollar grant from the Maryland Department of the Environment and EPA which could allow for sewer infrastructure to be brought to your property. 

As a stakeholder to this potential project, we will be having a Town Hall meeting and discussion on November 7, 2016 to explain the project, the grant, the process and how it may affect your property.  We have also placed General Information documents on the website for your use. We look forward to meeting you at the November 7th meeting. 

/S/ Bruce A. Wahl, Mayor, Town of Chesapeake Beach 


For a printable (legal size) map of the proposed area, click here .

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