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From the Newsletter...

The Chesapeake Beach Water Park Celebrates another Successful Summer (Story by: Marilyn VanWagner, General Manager)

The 2017 Season at Chesapeake Beach Water Park was a great success! Thank you to all of our residents and their guests who visited us this summer!

Holiday discounts for our 2018 Season Passes will go on sale in early December. Like us on Facebook and check the website to stay informed of these Early Bird Special Discount Rates and Dates. Also, if you are interested in Summer Employment at the Water Park for the 2018 Season, we will begin the sign up process for orientation in early December. Reservations for orientations for each of our positions will be offered on our website. We will hire as young as 14 years old for a few of our positions.

Our posts on Facebook will help to keep you informed. Both Early Bird Season Passes and all positions for employment can be found on our website at .

The Chesapeake Beach Water Park Management and Staff extend a big Thank You to YOU! Thank you for your continued support and thank you for another great season! We will be working hard over the next several months to bring you even more excitement, more fun, and another great season at your favorite Water Park!

Water Sewer Rates

In 2014, construction began to upgrade the Town’s Waste Water Treatment Plant into one of Maryland’s first Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) Water Reclamation Treatment Plants. This 18-million-dollar project received substantial completion in the Fall of 2016 to, among other things, rebuild the plant’s Biological Nutrient Removal process control treatment system; install two new Clarifiers to double the treatment volume in the plant; install a new sludge belt filter press to double the capacity for solids removal; install a denitrification filter system to remove nitrates, phosphorous and total suspended solids; and, install a more efficient UV disinfection system to replace an old chlorine gas system. These upgrades process up to 1.5 MGD (Million Gallons a Day) providing clean effluents to the Bay, an opportunity to reuse effluent for Town irrigation and more efficient plant operations.

With the completion of the ENR upgrades, the Town is now required to start repaying a 4-million-dollar bond secured in 2014 to fund our portion of the construction costs, adding a $190,000 principal and interest payment to an already stressed Utility Fund budget. Incorporating this new bond payment, initial water and sewer rate calculations indicated a 50% increase would be needed. Working together, members of Council and staff came together in January to develop a new balanced Utility Fund budget structure which minimizes the impacts to Town residents and businesses.

At an April work session, a balanced Utility Fund budget was proposed which, (1) paid off 2 of the 5 Utility Fund debts, saving the Town over $350,000 in future interest payments; (2) established an ENR reserve fund to allow for a future Council to fully pay off the ENR bond principal at first opportunity; and, (3) created a capital improvements reserve fund, funded by capital connection fees, to allow for proactive maintenance and repair of the Town's utility distribution system.

While we were able to greatly reduce the impacts of this new debt, it was impossible to balance the budget without a very modest rate increase. In May, the Council approved the proposed Utility Fund budget for fiscal year 2018 that results in a quarterly sewer rate increase from $5.00 to $5.57 per 1000 gallons and a quarterly water rate increase from $1.80 to $2.01 per 1000 gallons. For the median Town resident who uses 10,000 gallons per quarter, this will result in a $7.80 increase in their quarterly bill, or $2.60 per month.

The Mayor, Council and Staff strive to provide the best services to our residents and businesses while keeping local taxes and utility rates as low as possible. While we regret to make this small rate increase, we are extremely pleased to keep our water and sewer rates among the lowest in Maryland and to reinvest in our community by saving over $350,000 in future debt interest payments.

Stay Alert!  Sign Up for Emergency Notifications

Calvert County Alert, a notification system that advises residents of emergency- related information via cell phones, landline telephones and e-mail, now includes the Town of Chesapeake Beach.   In January, the Calvert County Commissioners voted unanimously to sign an agreement between county government and the municipality allowing the town to utilize the mass notification system.   Residents are automatically signed up if they are listed in the white or yellow pages.  Most cell phones are not listed in those pages, so if you would like to receive alerts specific to your location (even down to communities and even street addresses) you must go online and register. Here is the link (leaving site).  We are in the process of creating “shapes” which are specific communities where we might want to blast an alert.  For example, should we need to flush water lines in Richfield Station, we would send an alert specific to that neighborhood only; those not affected would not be notified.

Sign up is an easy process, and there are many options to help pinpoint exactly what types of alerts you would like to receive. Alert choices include volunteer, special needs, special business needs, community alerts and weather and hazard alerts. Within those choices, one can become even more specific. For example, under weather and hazards, there are six choices including flood, marine, winter, non- precipitation, tropical and severe. Then you may choose specifics under those categories.  Another great feature is the ability to choose the times of day that you do not want to receive alerts. This is nice for those who always have their phone on, but don’t want to be awakened with alert notifications. 

There is also a new “app” available to download called “Prepare Me Calvert” for iOS (Apple) and Android devices for free through the Apple App Store or the Google Play market. The “Prepare Me Calvert” mobile app is a must-have app for emergency preparedness and information. It puts critical, real-time information at users’ fingertips in the unlikely event of a regional emergency and helps residents stay prepared. Within the “app” there is a button where one can sign up for the Calvert Alerts. 

Many of us have families living in other areas of the country. If you would like to stay on top of weather alerts where your families live, take a minute to add their location to your alert system. You can add as many locations as you would like under your profile or different family members might choose to set up another profile using their cell number. This might be the preferred method, since then you could drill down to just receiving “extreme” weather alerts for your out-of-town family members. 

We are excited about making the Everbridge Mass Notification System an integral part of communications in the Chesapeake Beach community. Over the next several months, we will utilize it more and more. Don’t miss out; sign up today!

29th Street Improvement -- Presentation of Concept Design by Paul Woodburn to the Town Council April 16, 2015 -- click here .

Sidewalk Improvement Concept Plan -- Proposed sidewalk to connect existing walkway at the junction of Chesapeake Village Boulevard and Route 261 with Beach Elementary at Old Bayside Road.  The Plan is presented in seven panels or pages in one Portable Document Format (pdf) file.  You'll need Adobe Reader or similar pdf reader to open and navigate among the pages (footnote below).

Parking Restrictions on Town Streets

Except to avoid conflict with other traffic or to obey a police officer or traffic control device there is No Stopping, Standing or Parking on Town Streets, when:

In front of or blocking access to: A public driveway, alley a mailbox, a private driveway or access to private property

In or On: An Intersection, sidewalk, crosswalk, bridge

Alongside of or opposite any street excavation if the parking would block traffic

Double Parking

There is an official sign or painted curb prohibiting stopping within: 

15 feet of a hydrant, 20 feet of the entrance to the Fire Department or an intersection not controlled by a Stop Sign or other traffic control device, 30 feet of a flushing signal, stop sign or traffic control device

None of the following types of vehicles are allowed to park in excess of 1 hour on Town Streets:

Vehicle requiring a CDL License, RV, Camper, Trailer for boats, Vehicles or Recreation Equipment

A vehicle having a cover that must be removed to operate

Vehicles with expired or no tags, vehicles which are missing one or more components which make that vehicle to be moved under its own power are Not Allowed in town, unless out of public view


Message from the Sheriff's Department -- REMINDER:   Unfortunately, there have been more thefts from vehicles lately. Due to these recent thefts, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office asks that you remove all valuables from your vehicle and lock the vehicle doors.  Report any suspicious persons or activity by calling 911 or 410-535-2800. 

Please share this information with family, friends and neighbors that may not receive Nixle Alerts. 

To sign up to receive Nixle Alerts or those from the new Calvert County ALERT notification system (which replaced Code Red), click here and then  press on the link to Nixle and / or Calvert County ALERT notification system.   If you do not have internet access, please call 410-535-1600, ext. 2638, to sign up.

For more safety tips from the Sheriff's Office, click here.

Adobe Reader is required to view these documents.  If you don't have this free tool, click here.


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