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CBOCS Update, July 8, 2011

We had a great CBOCS kick-off meeting June 18th with 30 people in attendance!  Our thanks to the invited speakers: Len Zuza, President of Southern Maryland Oyster Cultivation Society; Chris Judy, Director of DNR's Marylanders Grow Oyster program; and Jon Farrington, President of Johnny Oysterseed for their wonderful presentations, and their support of our fledgling program. Copies of the presentations should soon be available on the CBOCS web page .

In addition to learning a lot about the importance of oysters and how they are raised, we outlined the annual CBOCS oyster season and unveiled ten areas where we need everyone's help in preparing for our successful first oyster cultivation season. These areas have been grouped as sub-committees and are listed below along with brief descriptions. If you would like to help out with any of the sub-committees, please send an email to and the sub-committee Chair if listed below. In the body of the email please be sure to indicate the sub-committee you wish to join, and to include your name and contact information. Some of the committees have already begun work while others are still gathering momentum; regardless we welcome your participation on any of the committees. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, CBOCS Implementation Committee

1. Boardwalk preparation committee
-- post the MGO signs
-- identify all areas where water depth suitable and number the slips
-- needs to be completed before end of August
-- Chair: to be determined
-- Paul Woodburn ( to facilitate first meeting
-- Five members so far

2. Water sampling / monitoring committee
-- collect water samples on periodic basis
-- take periodic secchi disk readings
-- Chair: John Bacon (
-- First committee meeting: July 16, 10 am Town Hall & boardwalk
-- Six members so far

3. BOCS patrol committee
-- daily/weekly visits to boardwalk to verify that BOCSes secure and accounted for
-- Will need to become active after arrival of BOCSes and spat
-- Chair: to be determined
-- Six members so far

4. Weatherization of BOCSes committee
-- twice per year (April & November)
-- need boat(s)
-- develop YouTube video on procedure
-- Chair: to be determined
-- Three members so far

5. BOCS deployment committee
-- learn how to attach BOCS to boardwalk (must occur in next 2-4 weeks)
-- need boat(s)
-- develop YouTube video on how to deploy BOCS
-- Chair: to be determined
-- three members so far

6. Volunteer coordination committee
-- keep track of volunteers, number of hours worked, who is on what committee, scheduling duties and resolving scheduling conflicts.
-- may merge with oyster delivery/planting committee
-- Chair: to be determined
-- one member so far

7. Fishing Creek oyster bed committee
-- finding suitable sites in Creek for planting
-- developing alternative planting options (i.e., putting down shell)
-- must work with DNR
-- have 8-20 months to develop plan
-- Chair: to be determined
-- Two members so far

8. Business participation committee 
-- actively solicit participation by local business owners
-- Chair: Kathy Johnson (
-- First committee meeting: July 12, 11-12 at Town Hall meeting room
-- three members so far

9. Beach Elementary committee
-- develop Bay restoration/oyster cultivation curriculum for 5th graders
-- Co-chairs: Mary Butz ( & Peggy Edgington (
-- two members so far

10. Oyster delivery and planting committee
-- help organize the delivery and warehousing of oysters if needed, distribution, and planting.
-- may merge with volunteer coordination committee
-- Chair: to be determined
-- two members thus far

Contact CBOCS:

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