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New CBOCS Activities/Committees -- August 5, 2013

To CBOCS members and friends. We are adding some new activities to our program. Please read through the following and sign up for any that interest you. For sign up, click here .

Education –  CBOCS is planning to expand the education program for students this year. There is a strong possibility that 1 or more other schools will be sending 5th grade students to Fishing Creek. This is in addition to the successful Beach Elementary program of the past 2 years. This expansion will require several more volunteers to work the various activity locations along the trail. A typical involvement will be helping students for a couple of hours on a school day morning. 

Activity Book – Our goal is to produce a 12 or 16 page activity book on the “TREASURES OF FISHING CREEK”. The first in the projected series will be intended for 5th grade students. Subsequent books will be targeted toward lower grades and preschoolers. This book will include stories, puzzles, observations, photos and cartoons. Volunteers are needed to write stories, take photos, draw cartoons, and assemble the book. The group needs to include teachers, parents, librarians and students. The initial book is intended to be completed by mid-October. 

Oyster Spat Counting – This project requires 6 to 8 people who will come in September to spat delivery and bay planting. Counting and measuring spat is a sit down job under the tent while others are working to load and unload cages. Accurate counting and measuring of spat is important to the documented success of our program. Initially these people will take a class from Chris Judy MGO program director and expert, on counting spat. This will qualify them as a Certified Oyster Spat Inspector. 

Fishing Creek Watershed – The Fishing Creek watershed is 18 square miles, but only a small portion lies within the Town of Chesapeake Beach. As a member of this group, you will study the watershed and determine what can be done to improve the water quality flowing past the oyster cages. 

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)– The purpose of monitoring the nitrate, phosphate and total suspended solids flowing down Fishing Creek is to determine the pollution entering the bay. This program has existed for the past 18 months. Two or three volunteers are needed to take monthly samples, make stream flow measurements and do the calculations which determine the TMDL. 

Digital Picture Frame – Photographers and photoshop experts - here is your chance to use your skills. The CBOCS digital picture frame hanging at the town hall reception desk needs constant upgrading. There are over 1700 pictures to choose from and many opportunities to merge them into a wonderful and informative display. The final product can then be used at other locations throughout the town and county. 

Old Rock Reef Survey – CBOCS oysters finish their growing and life on the Old Rock Reef. This is located 1 mile from Fishing Creek in the Chesapeake Bay. The town of Chesapeake Beach has the technology to survey the reef with some new video cameras. Divers are able to go to the bottom and collect oysters. They will be brought to the surface for the purpose of counting and measuring. Several marine oriented volunteers are needed to work this project on calm days. 

Fishing Creek Observations / Survey – Principal Shisler has a program for the 5th grade class at Beach Elementary in observations. This project is designed to expand that program for use with other schools. Our goal is to prepare a list of flora and fauna that make up Fishing Creek. Biologists, botanists, gardeners and observers are needed to create this list with pictures and descriptions. 

Fishing Creek Trash Cleanup – The Town of Chesapeake Beach and CBOCS have a boat that has multi-uses on Fishing Creek. One of those uses is to clean up trash under the trail. Two or three people are required to use this boat and collect the trash on a regular basis. This is a rewarding but sometimes dirty job.

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