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CBOCS inaugural "Oyster Launch" a success!

Despite brutal tides and a last minute shortfall of BOCSes, Saturday's oyster launch was a roaring success! Not only did we achieve our goals for the day, but we also had a lot of fun doing it (And you know it's true when your teenager admits to having fun as well.)! Pictures of the event will soon be available here and on our Facebook page.

Approximately 65,000 oysters received their first taste of the Bay's bounty in Fishing Creek, where the spat will grow for the next 9 months until large enough to plant on nearby oyster beds, thanks to your efforts! About 35 people turned out and made short work of putting the spat that we received from Johnny Oysterseed and the Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) program into 12 BOCSes and deploying them under the Railway Trail boardwalk. In addition to spat under the boardwalk, seven people elected to raise oysters from their piers using MGO cages.

We currently have 14 BOCSes deployed under the boardwalk and 30 MGO cages deployed around the towns of Chesapeake Beach and North Beach. But we are not done yet. As eluded to above, a delay in the supply chain prevented Johnny Oysterseed from delivering our entire order of BOCSes and spat on Saturday. The remaining 10 BOCSes and an additional 43,000 spat will be delivered within the next two weeks. So if you enjoyed last Saturday, or wanted to participate then but had a previous commitment, you won't have to wait long for another chance to get involved. We'll send out a notice for participation once the date has been finalized.

Finally we'd like to thank everyone who made the first CBOCS oyster launch a success: the CBOCS members, Saturday's participants (See list below.), the BOCS sponsors (See list below.), Jon Farrington (Johnny Oysterseed), Chris Judy (Marylanders Grow Oysters), and Len Zuza (Southern Maryland Oyster Cultivation Society). We also extend a very heart felt thank you to John Riffe for the use of his barge on Saturday. Without it we would have been quite literally dead in the water as our other boats were not up to the effort required to tow the BOCSes up Fishing Creek against the outgoing tide.

Sincerely, CBOCS Steering Committee

Saturday's participants:

Chris Banks, John Bacon, Ashley Beaudin, Valerie Beaudin, Amenda Brown, Mary Butz & Family, Fred Donovan, Wes Donovan, Helen Downey, Connie Dunkerson, Jon Farrington, Alison Jetmar, Kathy Johnson, Terry Klazer, Eunice Lin, Steve Lovecchio, Bob Munro, Keith Pardieck, Michael Pardieck, Mike Shisler, James Taylor, Bruce Wahl, Alicia Walsh, and Paul Woodburn. (Note regarding participants: Although approximately 35 people assisted with the oyster launch many did not sign the attendance sheet and, due to the author's poor memory, are not listed above. If you did assist on Saturday and your name does not appear above, please let us know so that we can add it to our records, and properly credit you in future write-ups of this event.)

BOCS Sponsors (individuals, businesses & organizations):

Valerie Beaudin, Gerald Donovan, Wes Donovan, Pam & Ron Landis, Eunice Lin, Theresa Montgomery, Bob Munro, Keith Pardieck, Mike Shisler, Paul Woodburn, American Legion Post #206, Beach Elementary School, Celebrate LLC, Richfield Station Homeowners Assn., Rod-N-Reel Restaurant, The Bay Business Group, Town of Chesapeake Beach, and the Chesapeake Bay Trust (Note: Your receipt for the purchase of a BOCS is in the process of being mailed to you. State tax credit forms for individuals are available by clicking on the following link.)

CBOCS Implementation Committee 

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