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CBOCS Spat Delivery Notice --  Round 2 scheduled for October 8, 2011

Dear friends and members:

The second half of our spat order is scheduled to arrive on October 8th (a Saturday). Ten BOCSes and 30 bags of spat on shell will be delivered, raising our total spat count to over 100,000! So please reserve the date on your calendar, and come lend a hand. It should be a fun couple of hours, and the tide will be with us this time! Below are the details. 

Look forward to seeing you then!  CBOCS Committee

Event: Spat delivery and BOCS deployment
Date: October 8, 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00 am (duration 2-3 hours)
Location: Parking lot behind the Northeast Community Center near the boat ramps

1) Carry BOCSes to boat ramp and place in shallow water. This is a two person job since each BOCS weighs about 40 lbs and is awkward to carry.

2) Once BOCS in the shallow water at the boat ramp, pour three bags of spat on shell into the BOCS. Each bag of spat on shell weighs approximately 20-25 pounds.

3) Once BOCS is filled with spat, it will need to be towed to the appropriate boardwalk location to be secured for the next 9-10 months while the oysters grow. This will be done with a motorized boat.

4) Folks with canoes, kayaks, or other watercraft small enough to fit under the boardwalk will then need to help secure the BOCS to the PVC tubes placed there for that purpose. This is a relatively straight forward process that we will demonstrate prior to beginning on Saturday. 

5) The final task of the BOCS deployment process is to activate the tide-turner device that rotates the BOCS and prevents organisms from growing on the cage which stifles water circulation around the oysters. This step requires boats that are small enough to fit under the boardwalk, yet large enough that it remains stable when a person stands to bolt the tide turner anchor to the boardwalk. 

6) Post MGO oyster cultivation signs near the newly deployed BOCSes.

What to wear/bring:
- wear clothes and shoes you do not mind getting wet and dirty
- dress for the weather
- gloves (the oyster shells and BOCSes can have rough or sharp edges)
- hat
- sun screen / bug spray
- canoe / kayak / dingy
- life jacket (if you plan on being in a boat)
- water to drink

Rain Date:  Sunday (10/9), 2:00 pm

Contact CBOCS:

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