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October 2012 Oyster Planting Update

Dear CBOCS members:

On September 15, 2012 we launched into our second year of oyster restoration activities placing about 50,000 spat in our oyster nursery below the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail. My thanks to everyone who took part in the kick off our second season of oyster restoration activities! More than 30 people participated, making light work of filling and deploying 26 Bouyant Oyster Cultivation Systems (BOCS) with almost 2000 pounds of spat on shell. Members also took home 28 MGO cages filled with spat on shell to raise from their piers. We are especially grateful for the nautical support provided by Mike O'Keefe, David Isenberg, Richard Nelson, and Gary Weeden of Pedal or Paddle. A great start, but we're not quite done deploying spat this year!

For those of you keeping track of the numbers, you may have noticed that 50,000 spat is about half the number that we deployed last year. This was an unexpected surprise due to differing bag sizes between years. We have taken steps to prevent this from occurring in the future, and have ordered a second shipment of spat to make up the difference. The second shipment will arrive next week and once deployed will put our total spat count around 90,000. Since the BOCS are all ready under the boardwalk most of the work to add the supplemental spat will take place from a small boat, so we won't be asking for folks to come down in mass to help. Instead just a handful of people are needed. We currently have 3 people lined up and could use about 2 more volunteers to help. If interested, and available to help on Monday, October 15 at 10 am please contact me at: We need folks who are able to lift 25-pound oyster bags, and are willing to get a little wet and muddy.

On another front, the CBOCS Water Monitoring Team chaired by John Bacon, recently lost two valued members -- Coral and David Hoffman, when they moved away from the area -- and is looking for a few people to join the team. So if you want to take a more active role in CBOCS, this is a great opportunity to get involved! Each month his team samples the water at various points along Fishing Creek to check if conditions continue to be favorable for the spat, and to document changes in water quality for the town. John and the water monitoring crew also take an active role in educating the next generation of Bay stewards by demonstrating sampling techniques and discussing our oyster restoration efforts with Beach Elementary 5th graders while on their environmental education field trips to the boardwalk. The next water sampling event is scheduled for Friday October 12, 2012 from 10 am to 12 pm, and will occur in conjunction with the 5th grade field trip. Please contact John Bacon ( directly if interested in joining the water quality monitoring team.

My thanks again to all CBOCS members for making this program a success! In addition, I would like to recognize the members of the steering committee -- Paul Woodburn, Eunice Lin, Bob Munro, Kathy Johnson, Jay Berry, Terry Klazer, John Bacon, Elizabeth Henderson, and Bruce Wahl -- for their commitment, and the dozens of hours spent planning and organizing events this past year. 

Sincerely, Keith Pardieck
Chair, CBOCS Steering Committee

September 2012 Spat Deployment Participants:

Ian Beard, A. Beaudin, Valerie Beaudin, X. Benson, Jay Berry, Amenda Brown, Denis Brown, Lauren Butz, Mary Butz, Paul Butz, Bob Carpenter, Dave Coull, Helen Downey, Jon Farrington, Coral Hoffman, David Hoffman, David Isenberg, Kathy Johnson, Lucy Johnson, Bob Munro, Sallie Negas, Richard Nelson, Connie O'Dell, Mike O'Keefe, Keith Pardieck, Michael Pardieck, Larry Ringgold, Charlie Valaer, Marianne Valaer, Bruce Wahl, Gary Weeden, Camille Wick, Dennis Wick, Paul Woodburn, Thomas Woodburn, and Theresa York.

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