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CBOCS SPECIAL EVENTS & NEWS (October 15, 2015)

On August 22 39 CBOCS members, with help from the town public works staff moved oysters from under the Fishing Creek trail to the Old Rock Reef. We found that an amazing 76% of the oysters put in the creek last September had survived. This is the highest rate we have had in 4 years and far surpasses the state average of 62%.

A similar number of CBOCS members, also with help from the town public works staff, on September 11 & 12 received from the Oyster Recovery Partnership the next batch of 110,000 oysters. They were planted under Fishing Creek for their first year of growth. We also dispatched 26 small MGO cages to our oyster growers along the creek and the Chesapeake Bay. 

Starting September 25 and lasting until mid-November, CBOCS will be hosting 9 Calvert County schools 5th grade students for their annual field trips to Fishing Creek. During this time they will interact with our oysters, oyster critters, measure water quality and stream depth. This trip is the culmination of several classroom SMART Board sessions on oysters that were prepared by CHESPAX. Come to the trail and view this great educational program. To view the schedule, click here .  

I want to thank Amenda and Dennis Brown for their constant work all summer and during the school trips to keep the oysterquarium in tip top shape. I also want to thank Ron Draper for coming each day to help set up and work with the naturalists. Everyone from CHESPAX and the Calvert County Natural Resource department believes that Fishing Creek is the best venue to teach oyster cultivation. Thank you Bruce for persevering all those years to bring the trail to Chesapeake Beach.

Members of the SMART Board program received their first power point module from Karen Anderson (Calvert County Master Naturalist) entitled “Grasses of a Tidal Marsh”. The next step is to convert it to a SMART Board program. Other modules are in preparation.

CBOCS resident teaching expert Terry Klazer conducted a 2 day seminar at Bowie High School entitled “Filtering Fishing Creek”. He was able to demonstrate, using oysters from the Oysterquarium, the effect that oysters have on cleaning up the water in the creek. Science Educator Robert Lehman wrote, saying that his students had a much greater appreciation of the value of oysters.

Saturday the Calvert County Master Gardeners will be coming to the trail to certify it as Bay Wise Friendly. This is a program jointly sponsored by the University of Maryland Extension Service and the master gardeners. The trail will be the second municipal area certified after the Calvert Marine Museum. 

For complete CBOCS information and schedule, go to the Town of Chesapeake Beach web site and click on Oyster Cultivation. 

To view a complete list of activities and the next 3 month CBOCS calendar, click here

John Bacon, Chair, CBOCS Steering Committee

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