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Chesapeake Beach Oyster Cultivation Society Report December 18, 2014
Chesapeake Beach Town Council Meeting 

Flora of Chesapeake Beach - Nancy Feuerle has completed a field guide “Flora of Chesapeake Beach” which will provide an excellent reference source for interested people walking our trails. It is scheduled to be published in January 2015. 

Master Naturalist - Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge about nature in Calvert County is invited to join the American Chestnut Land Trust Master Naturalist program. It is free but requires several weeks of training conducted in Prince Frederick. Classes start on January 26 and continue till May 4. For information about this exciting program visit (leaving site).

Oyster Larvae Update - The oyster larvae to spat program continues to be a great success. Counting and measuring on December 5 revealed a survival rate of 88% and an average size of 8.2 mm. Another counting will be conducted in early March 2015. 

Future - January will be busy working on the smart board program module titled “Treasures of a Tidal Marsh”. Several volunteers are taking an on-line class at CSM to learn about developing smart boards. GET SMART and join the team.

A live oyster demonstration station will be constructed at the 1st rest stop on Fishing Creek Railway Trail. This will show the complete cycle of oysters from larvae to fully grown adults. The station is in the planning stage now and will be operational by late March 2015. Anyone interested in joining this team is welcome. Contact John Bacon

February CBOCS is expecting to receive the permit to deploy the reef balls on the Old Rock Reef. This will probably happen later in the spring on a warm calm day. 

January Trivia Quiz - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others are very interested in the amount of pollution Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) entering Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Beach started a program 3 years ago to monitor discharges from their streams. What 3 pollutants is EPA interested in? Where do we take the measurements? Do we meet the requirements? Be prepared to answer next month. 

To view a complete list of activities and the next 3 month CBOCS calendar, click here

Oyster Christmas Story

It was the week before Christmas
And on Fishing Creek
100,000 oysters 
Were ready for a long winter sleep
When up on the trail
There arose such a clatter
The Saturday morning team
With their good natured chatter
But what to their wondering ears did they hear
The water monitors in their cold weather gear
That’s Ron and John, Kathy and Terry
Amenda and Dennis, Melanie and Larry
They dip in their bucket
And lower the Secchi
Making their measurements 
To record for posterity
That’s DO, pH and Salinity 
and of course
Solids, Temperature, Time and Turbidity
When they were finished
They packed up their gear 
The oysters could hear them 
Saying see you next year 

John Bacon, Chair, CBOCS Steering Committee

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