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To help you plan for a Hurricane or Tropical Storm, please read the following information and pass it along to your neighbors and friends.  If you have any questions, please call Town Hall at 410-257-2230.  Staff will typically be available at Town Hall during a significant storm event.  If you have Internet access, visit the Town’s website for the latest information on our preparedness.

Sand bags: Sand bags and sand will be available for Chesapeake Beach Citizens ONLY at Town Hall on a schedule to be determined. Sand bags are also available from Calvert County (25 per person) at Mt. Hope Salt Dome, 92 Pushaw Road, Sunderland.

Secure your home: You may wish to board up windows, use sandbags to prevent flooding, ensure that trees and shrubs are trimmed, clear loose and clogged gutters and downspouts, remove or secure loose items around your yard so they will not blow into your home or your neighbors home and cause damage and close any shutters you have, both inside and out.

Emergency items to have on hand:

  •  Drinking water

  • Batteries

  •  Flashlights

  •  Battery operated radio

  •  Medicine

  •  Items needed for infants or elderly people

  •  Cash and credit cards

  •  Non-perishable food

  •  First aid kit

  •  Pet care items

  •  Place your homeowner’s insurance papers and other important papers in a waterproof bag. If you leave your home, take this with you.

Be sure to:

  •  Fill your gas tank

  •  Charge your cell phone

  •  Turn off propane tanks at your home

  •  Reinforce your garage door(s)

  •  Fill your bathtubs to have water if needed

  •  Consider freezing water so you have as much ice as possible

If you decide to evacuate, Shelters are located at:

  •  Huntingtown High School at 4125 Solomons Island Rd. (Rt. 2 & 4) – Residents

  •  Southern Middle School at 9615 HG Trueman Rd., Lusby – Residents

  •  Calvert High School at 520 Fox Run Blvd., Prince Frederick – Residents with pets

  •  For special assistance call 410-535-0396 or 410-535-0314

When evacuating, remember to:

  •  Gather items that you will need

  •  Turn off lights and appliances (except refrigerators and freezers)

  •  Turn off Main Water Valve

  •  Close and lock windows and doors

  •  Use your own vehicle to evacuate. Offer rides to neighbors who may not have transportation.

  •  If you need a ride or special assistance, call 410-535-0396

Hazards to avoid:

  •  Downed trees and power lines

  •  Stay out of the water

  •  Do not drive or walk through flood waters

DO NOT dial 911 unless you have a life-threatening emergency.

EMERGENCY RESPONDERS will not be dispatched if conditions pose a significant risk to their safety (sustained winds of 50 mph or gusts at 65 mph or higher), which will impact their ability to retrieve citizens from their homes during the storm.

And remember to look out for your neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled.

Calvert County Website:

Local Emergency Alert System stations include:
WPTX 920 AM, Lexington Park
WKIK 102.9 FM, Mechanicsville
WAAI 100.9 FM, Cambridge
WMDM 97.7 FM, Lexington Park
WCEM 1240 AM, Cambridge
WCMD 1560 AM, La Plata
WCEM 106.3 FM, Cambridge
WXTR 104.1 FM, La Plata
WCEI 1460 AM, Easton
WSMD 98.3 FM, Mechanicsville
WCEI 96.7 FM, Easton

Calvert County Division of Emergency Management 410-535-1623
SMECO Report Outage 1-877-747-6326
SMECO Customer Service 1-888-440-3311
BGE Outages 1-877-778-2222
Verizon 1-800-837-4966
Comcast 1-822-266-2278

National Hurricane Center

Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist

Hurricane Preparedness Tips from Calvert County Public Safety Department

If you lose power, please report it immediately by calling:

1-877-778-2222 in the BGE service territory or online by clicking here 
1-877-737-2662 in the PEPCO service territory 
1-877-747-6326 in the SMECO service territory 

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