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Firm Index Map  (Flood Insurance Rate Map or FIRM) extracted from FIRM Map Index Map Number 24009CIND0B, effective November 19, 2014).   Due to the size of the FIRM maps, each map has been divided into map sections (NOTE TO USER, the map itself, and other map components).  The "NOTE TO USER" was extracted from the map and offered immediately below as text to facilitate reading.  Scroll down to view map.

In addition to the Index Map shown below, there are three panels (links above) for the Chesapeake Beach area; Northeast FIRM (shown below as Panel 24009C0083G), Southeast FIRM (Panel 24009C0091G), and Waterfront FIRM (Panel 24009C0084G).


Future revisions to this FIRM Index will only be issued to communities that are located on FIRM panels being revised, This FIRM Index therefore remains valid for FIRM panels November 19, 2014 dated or earlier, Please refer to the "MOST RECENT FIRM PANEL DATE" column in the Listing of Communities table to determine the most recent FIRM Index date for each community.


This FIRM Index displays the map date for each FIRM panel at the time that this Index was printed, Because this Index may not be distributed to unaffected communities in subsequent revisions, users may determine the current map date for each FIRM panel by visiting the FEMA Map Service Center (MSC) website at , or by calling the FEMA Map Information eXchange (FMIX) at 1-877-336-2627,

Communities annexing land on adjacent FIRM panels must obtain a current copy of the adjacent panel as well as the current FIRM Index.  These may be ordered directly from the Map Service Center at the number listed above.

Flood elevations on this map are referenced to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988. These flood elevations must be compared to structure and ground elevations referenced to the same datum. For information regarding conversion between the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 and the North American Vertical Datum of 1988, contact the National Geodetic Survey at the following address:

NGS Information Services NOAA, N/NGS12 National Geodetic Survey SSMC-3, #9202 1315 East-West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282 301-713-3242

General Information on FEMA Digital Flood Map Products

• FIRM Panel Image: Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) are digital images of flood hazard maps. The images are digital pictures of entire flood map panels that can be viewed and printed from a computer. Most communities and counties have many map panels to cover the entire jurisdiction and an index map that shows the location of each map panel.

• FIRM Worldfile: A TFW or PGW file may accompany your flood hazard map. They are used to help view the flood maps in GIS applications.

FIRM Panel Images are TIF or PNG image files and have file names with a Community or County ID followed by a 4-digital panel number and letter suffix representing a version (e.g. 12345C0123F.tif). The FIRM worldfiles will have the same filenames but with a .tfw or .pgw extension.

FIRM Panel Images can be viewed using most freely available image viewer applications. You can also use the FIRMette-Desktop software available from the FEMA Flood Map Service Center (MSC) website .  FIRM images can also be viewed in specialized GIS software where the worldfiles are used to make the images compatible with other GIS data. See the MSC Products and Tools Overview page for more information on available data and tools for using FEMA’s flood risk data.

For more information on available digital products, visit FEMA’s Map Service Center website at .

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