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Elected Officials - Special Election 2013

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Certification of Results for Town of Chesapeake Beach Special Election 
held on December 7th, 2013.

To:      Town Clerk

From: Town of Chesapeake Beach Board of Elections (CBBOE)

In accordance with Town Charter Section C-612, we hereby certify the results of the December 7th, 2013 special election.

Total Votes Cast: 712

Polling Place Ballots: 670

Absentee Ballots: 42

Question to Approve or Reject Sewer Use Rate of $11.28 per thousand gallons and the Water Use Rate of $4.28 per thousand gallons

Votes to Approve: 309

Votes to Reject: 403

/s/ Randall Getman             /s/ Brian Beard
Chairman CBBOE              Member CBBOE

Dated: December 9th, 2013  (For a printable version of this certification, click here .)



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