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Please call the Town Hall (410-257-2230) so that we can make sure that we have yourPay your Utility Bill online (leaving site) correct mailing address for the water / sewer bills that go out quarterly.

Pay your Utility Bill online -- The Town is pleased to offer the added convenience of online utility bill payment for water / sewer bills.  Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Note that there will be a $1.25 convenience fee added to your utility bill by the processing center.  To register, click here (leaving site). 

The local cable company is Comcast Cable; they can be reached at 800-COMCAST.

The electric company is BGE a division of Constellation Energy Corporation; they can be reached at 800-685-0123.

Letís talk trash!  ďThe Town of Chesapeake Beach Code requires that all trash storage receptacles shall be made of durable material and shall be watertight with tight fitting covers to control odor and prevent animal access.  No garbage, trash or debris shall be placed out for collection except in proper receptacles.Ē  Due to the excessive rains this summer, the trash company has been finding trash cans full of water along with being full of trash.  This causes the cans to be so heavy that they canít physically be picked up.  The company has begun a no tolerance policy and will not collect the trash if the can is full of water.  You must properly cover your containers to avoid this and to ensure pick up.  Also, please do not use the Town provided recycle bins for regular trash; that will also prevent your trash from being collected.  We appreciate your attention and help with these matters as we strive to keep Chesapeake Beach beautiful.

Recycle Bins:  If you would like a recycle bin (and you reside within the corporate limits of Chesapeake Beach) click here and we will have one delivered to your home. 

After Hours Town Emergencies:  If you experience an emergency after hours, please call the Town Hall and press "2". A Town employee will be immediately notified and someone will return your call to determine any action needed.

Emergency Management:  The Mission of the Town's Emergency Management program is to minimize the effects of future disasters through mitigation, planning, and partnering to obtain resources and response efforts. The coordination of response agencies during a disaster event and public education and awareness for disaster preparedness is a vital part of these efforts.  For more information on emergency preparedness, cold weather, hurricanes, communications etc., click here .

Street Light Out:  If you have a street light that is not working properly, you may call BGE directly at 1-800-685-0123. They need to have the address that the pole is adjacent to as well as the nearest intersection to the pole.

Decorative Street Light Out:  If the street light is one of the decorative lights, please call the Town Hall to report it.

Chesapeake Beach Calendar:  For a current calendar featuring photos taken around town, local tides, etc., click here .  Better yet, stop by Town Hall during normal business hours and pick up a hard copy or two.  While you're there, pick up a Chesapeake Beach bumper sticker, Trash Schedule, Recycle Guide, bulk trash policy and our latest Newsletter.

Discolored Water:  If you are experiencing discolored water, it is best to not use any water at all for a while.  If you can wait 15 to 30 minutes before turning your water back on that should help. When someone opens a fire hydrant, or a pipe breaks this can stir up the water system causing discolored water. These events are usually temporary so it is best to wait for the system to settle down before running any water. If your problem persists please call Town Hall.

Lost and Found:  If you lose something, please call Town Hall at 410-257-2230.

Water Problem:  If you suspect that you have a leak that is on your property, call a plumber. If you suspect that it is on the Town’s side, please call the Town Hall to report it and someone from Public Works will be over shortly.

Low water pressure:  Please call the Town Hall if you experience low water pressure so that we may send Public Works out to check on it and try to determine the reason.

Sewer Problem:  If you are having a back up in your home at only one toilet, sink or tub this is typically your problem and not a Town issue.  If your entire house is experiencing a back up there are a couple things you can check.  Are your neighbors having the same problem?  If so call Town Hall immediately. If not try to locate your sewer clean out and remove the cap. If the stand pipe is full of water, call Town Hall.  If the pipe is empty most of the time the backup is on the Homeowner side. If you see sewer water leaking from anywhere please call Town hall immediately. 

Power Problem:  If you lose power, please report it immediately by calling:

1-877-778-2222 in the BGE service territory or online by clicking here 
1-877-737-2662 in the PEPCO service territory 
1-877-747-6326 in the SMECO service territory 

Signs:  If there is a Town sign down or damaged please call the Town Hall and we will send Public Works out to check it out.

Property complaints:  If you are experiencing problems with your neighbor's property or if you suspect a zoning violation, please call the Town Hall and we will send the Code Enforcement Officer to check out the problem and take the appropriate action.

Trash:  Remember -- all trash has to be at the curb in containers with lids. The trash company cannot come on private property to retrieve your trash. Also, if there are grass clippings out with the regular trash, the contractor will not pick this up.

Automated Speed Enforcement Program

Trash / Recycle & Bagged Yard Waste Schedule -- click here 

Recycling Program -- click here

Bulk Trash -- click here 

Yard Debris -- click here

Household Hazardous Waste -- click here

Calvert County Mosquito Control -- William Clay (410-535-6924)

North Beach Volunteer Fire Department (leaving site) - The North Beach Volunteer Fire Department is actually located in Chesapeake Beach and may be reached at 410-257-6564 for non-emergencies.  If there is an emergency, please call 911.

Calvert County Sheriff's Department (leaving site) - The Town contracts with the Calvert County Sheriff's Department to provide our police protection.  If you have a non-emergency, they may be reached at 410-535-2800.  If there is an emergency, please call 911.

Safety Tips from the Sheriff's Office (from a recent Town Newsletter)

Criminals are always looking for an opportunity to make an easy score. To protect yourself and your valuables, the sheriffís office would like to recommend the following safety tips:

  • Shop during the daytime hours whenever possible.  When shopping at night, park in well lit areas near your destination.

  • When possible, donít shop alone. Take a friend or relative along. It may take a bit longer, but there is safety in numbers.

  • Always lock your car and roll up your windows, even if you will ďonly be gone for a minute.Ē  A minute is all a thief needs to separate you from your valuables. If you have an alarm, utilize it.

  • Lock your purchases in your trunk. Never leave them in plain sight on the seats or the floorboard. If you donít have a trunk, cover them with a blanket or something similar.

  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and donít advertise large amounts of cash in public. You never know who may be watching. Use credit and debit cards when possible.

  • If you use an ATM at the mall, be aware of who may be around you. Try not to make large cash withdrawals. The malls are usually crowded and this makes it easy for a criminal to catch you off guard and grab your cash.

  • Always choose a bank ATM in visible, well lit areas. If you notice anyone suspicious approaching, cancel your transaction and leave.

  • Never leave your purse in a shopping cart. Make sure it is always zipped or snapped shut. When dining out, never hang your purse on your chair. Keep it in your lap or on the floor in front of you.

  • Avoid carrying too many packages that may make you a target. Itís better to make regular trips to the car to drop off packages while shopping.

  • Do not get into your car if you are followed or are suspicious of anyone hanging around your vehicle.  Instead, return to the mall or store and ask security for assistance.

  • Save your most expensive purchases for the end of your shopping trip.

  • Watch for people who may bump into you or distract you in some other way. They may be setting you up for pick-pocketing.

  • When leaving the mall, donít talk on your cell phone. Be aware of whatís going on around you. Also, have your keys ready in your hand. Lots of packages and fumbling through your purse or pockets for your keys makes you an easy target.

  • Be alert and aware of strangers who may approach you for whatever reason.  Following these simple rules will help keep you from becoming a crime victim. If you see any suspicious activity, immediately report it to store security or the local police.

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