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Street Light Out: 
If you have a street light that is not working properly, you may call BGE directly at 1-800-685-0123. They need to have a pole number, and if they don’t have it make sure when calling you have the nearest intersection to the pole.

Discolored Water:  If you are experienced discolored water, go to the highest point in their house turn on the cold water in the bathtub and let it run full force for about 2 minutes. If clothes are stained and are still wet come to the Town Hall and get a free chemical stain remover. If the problem persists, call the Town Hall.

Water Problem:  If you suspect that you have a leak that is on your property, call a plumber. If you suspect that it is on the Town’s side, please call the Town Hall to report it and someone from Public Works will be over shortly.

Low water pressure:  Please call the Town Hall if you experience low water pressure so that we may send Public Works out to check on it and try to determine the reason.

Sewer Problem:  What kind of problem? Is it a back up in the house, in the street, or a bad odor outside. If it is backing up in your house and it is an upstairs bathroom, it is usually a homeowner problem and a plumber needs to be called.  If it is a problem other than than, please call the Town Hall and we will send Public Works out to check the sewer main.

Signs:  If there is a Town sign down or damaged please call the Town Hall and we will send Public Works out to check it out.

Property complaints:  If you are experiencing problems with your neighbors property or there is a zoning violations, please call the Town Hall and we will send the Code Enforcement Officer out to check out the problem and take the appropriate action.

Trash:  Remember: All trash has to be at the curb in containers with lids. The trash company cannot come on private property to retrieve your trash.  Also, if there are grass clippings out with the regular trash, the contractor will not pick this up.


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