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Trash / Recycle & Bagged Yard Waste Schedule

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 Trash / Recycle & Bagged Yard Waste Schedules

Reminder of the summer trash and recycling schedule and procedures

Storage receptacles, trash cans should be watertight with a tight-fitting lid to prevent animal access.  Remember to put trash and recycle out the night before to avoid being missed.  If you have any questions, call Fran at 410-257-2230.

NOTE: The Town will pick up Christmas Trees during the month of January.

Printable Trash / Recycling Schedule for April 2017  -- click here

Printable Trash / Recycling Schedule for May 2017  -- click here

Printable Trash / Recycling Schedule for June 2017  -- click here

Printable Trash / Recycling Schedule for July 2017  -- click here

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Trash and Recycle Schedule

Monday - trash north part of town once a week (all year)
- trash south part of town once a week ( all year) 
Wednesday -
bagged yard waste (every other week, April through November)
Thursday -
recycle the north part of town every other week and from Memorial Day through Labor Day once a week 
Friday -
recycle the south part of town every other week and from Memorial Day through Labor Day once a week

Attn: Chesapeake Village Residents -- your trash collection day is Monday and your recycle collection day is Thursday.

NOTE:   "North Trash" Collection Dates shown in the Newsletter for Thursdays after Labor Day are for community dumpsters only.

For more information on the Town's Recycling Program, click here

For more information on Bulk Trash & Yard Debris, click here

For more information on Household Hazardous Waste, click here

Reminder on Requirement for Trash Receptacles:  According to Town Ordinance 200.3 (9) in part -- "No garbage, trash, or debris shall be placed out for collection except in proper storage receptacles.  Where collection is from a sidewalk or alley, receptacles shall be placed out no earlier than the evening preceding the day of collection...   Receptacles placed on a sidewalk or alley shall be promptly returned to the premises after collection...   Storage receptacles shall be made of a durable material and shall be watertight with tight-fitting covers to control odor and prevent animal access."

Disposal of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) -- These long-lived, energy efficient light bulbs are being used more and more in our homes and businesses.  One of the few disadvantages of CFLs is that they contain small amounts of mercury, an element known to be harmful to human health and the environment.   If you break a CFL, place all the cleaned-up material in a sealed plastic bag and either put it into an outside trash container for the next normal trash collection or, if convenient, take it to the Mt. Hope Community (Recycling) Center (104 Pushaw Station Rd.,Sunderland, MD) where they accept CFLS year round.  

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